Oxford ROK Motorcycle Straps MD Adj Black Reflective


Quicker – Stronger – Safer
The ROK Straps are 28 Inches /720mm and are a superb choice for riders wanting to secure their luggage safely. Designed to be quicker, stronger and safer than it’s competitors, the ROK straps won’t disappoint.
Motorcycle Strap Features:
• Attach to any part of framework. Buckle up, tighten and go. To unload, release tension and buckle.
• Confidently secure 100lb (45kg) in all weather conditions.
• No steel hooks and minimal recoil ensures you won’t hurt yourself or your motorcycle.
• Flat shock cord minimises pressure on luggage.
• Double stitched for extended outdoor use.
• Tough buckles are UV, shatter and crack resistant.
• All rot resistant materials, no sharp hooks, non-rusting.
• Polyester braiding for super UV and wear resistance.
• 100% natural rubber for best elasticity and tear resistance.
• Complex shape prevents curling.