Oxford Hotgrips EVO - Touring

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Built into each HotGrip™ (and thumb warmer for the ATV model) is a temperature measuring thermistor that provides feedback to the heat controller. Set the desired temperature and the controller automatically monitors and maintains the precise temperature.

• Precise Temperature Control – Choose from 5 precise temperature settings ranging from 35°C to 45°C. LED lights will indicate the temperature setting.
• Intelligent Heat Setting Memory – This innovative function stores the previous heat setting and defaults to this at power-up, saving time when in regular use. Note: This function is only available if the heat controller is connected to the ignition.
• Waterproof design – The intelligent heat controller uses a sealed-for-life welded case construction for long term durability and weather proofing. New weatherproof power connectors further protect your HotGrip™ against the elements.
• Battery Saving mode – The battery saving mode protects against flat batteries. If you forget to turn the switch off, it will do it for you!
• Simple Installation – HotGrip™ are designed as a replacement for the handlebar grips already fitted to the motorcycle/ATV. They will fit into 22mm Ø handlebars. Through moulded rubber gives a strong and reassuring glue bond to the handlebar.

• Adventure 130mm to 120mm
• Sport 123mm to 114mm
• Touring 120mm to 110mm
• ATV 130mm to 120mm