Oxford Hotgrips Premium - Adventure

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Advanced ergonomic grip designs for specific motorcycle types. Includes 5 level heat controller, very compact due to miniaturised electronics. Water proof, heat proof, frost proof, vibration proof and electrical pulse proof. Unique battery saving mode with LED indicator. The advanced robotic manufacturing process for consistency and contamination elimination. Unparalled reliability and longevity designed into every component.
Grip Features:
• 22mm diameter handlebar fitment- 132mm length, can be trimmed to 122mm.
• temp range up to 50°C.
• draws under 4A.
• square tread pattern for medium wear resistance and maximum vibration absorbtion.
• 5² block siped tread for high levels of grip and feel.
• diamond tread pattern where maximum grip is required.
• waffle matrix for finger grip.
Intelligent Heat Controller Features:- Raised and tactile silicone buttons for use with gloved hands- Battery Saving Mode turns the grips off if you forget- Handlebar switch bracket included- Rainproof switch- Sealed for life
Summary:- Superior performance and reliability- Ergonomically engineered grips- 5 heat settings- Intelligent battery protection- Easy to fit, easy to use- Huge specification
Included as part of the pack:2 x HotGrips1 x Intelligent heat controller1 x Metal bracket and fittings for mounting the heat controller1 x Wiring loom, cable ties and grip glue1 x Instruction booklet and warranty form