Givi V35 Tech Set (for PLX & PLXR Brackets only)

R7 799,00Price

With Clear Reflector

The new entry is called V35 and it’s the first side-case which uses the new Monokey® Side fitting system. This combination introduces advanced technical features.

The innovative aspects of this fitting system can be summarised as follows:

• The new Monokey® Side fitting system.

• Reduction of the overall side encumbrance by inclining the support and use of a new profile for the bottom-shell of the V35 case, thus closely following the lines of the fairing of the motorcycle and therefore considerably improving the aerodynamic aspect. 

Monokey® Side won’t change the motorcyclist’s habits and will continue to offer ease of use, as the V35 case is still able to be opened/closed and attached/detached with one key + push button.