Givi Hydra Backpack 3Ltr

R2 099,00Price

Rucksack with integrated water bag, 3 ltr.
Thanks to the perfect adherence to the rider's body and the 2-litre HydraPak Elite bag, it is particularly suitable for off-road use.

Materials (manufactured within REACH recommendations):

  •  High-tenacity 1200D W/R polyester
  •  Hypalon inserts
  •  High UV-resistant external material

As standard:

  • Main pocket with HydraPak Givi Elite 2L water bag included;
  • Locking system to keep drinking tube on shoulder strap;
  • Secondary pocket;
  • Stabilised handle;
  • Breathable back panel;
  • Chest strap with whistle;
  • Quick-release shoulder straps make it easy to remove the rucksack from the shoulders;
  • Reflective inserts.